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Hungary         63. Hungarian National Gliding Championship

  August 3, 2018 – August 11, 2018
  Szeged (Hungary)
  Total competition distance: 6280 km

15m Day9   Task9 - 119/373km AAT
15m Day8   Task8 - 301km Race
15m Day7   Task7 - 382km Race
15m Day6   Task6 - 352km Race
15m Day5   Task5 - 377km Race
15m Day4   Task4 - 291/493km AAT
15m Day3   Task3 - 392km Race
15m Day2   Task2 - 217km Race
15m Day1   Task1 - 321/657km AAT

Mixed-15m Day9   Task9 - 119/373km AAT
Mixed-15m Day8   Task8 - 301km Race
Mixed-15m Day7   Task7 - 382km Race
Mixed-15m Day6   Task6 - 352km Race
Mixed-15m Day5   Task5 - 377km Race
Mixed-15m Day4   Task4 - 291/493km AAT
Mixed-15m Day3   Task3 - 392km Race
Mixed-15m Day2   Task2 - 217km Race
Mixed-15m Day1   Task1 - 321/657km AAT

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