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National flag of United States of America      2024 USA Open Class National Championship

  May 31, 2024 – June 12, 2024
  Minden-Tahoe (United States)
  Total competition distance: 5065 km

Open Day15  No task
Open Day14   Task9 - 447/894km AAT
Open Day13   Task8 - 387/571km AAT
Open Day12   Task7 - 225/922km AAT
Open Day11  No task
Open Day10   Task5 - 620/1163km AAT
Open Day9   Task4 - 319/972km AAT
Open Day8   Task3 - 504/1013km AAT
Open Day7   Task2 - 169/582km AAT
Open Day6  No task
Open Day5  Task1 Cancelled
Open Day4  No task
Open Day3  No task
Open Day2   Practice2 - 102/403km AAT
Open Day1   Practice1 - 356/644km AAT

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