United States of America         2nd test 2021 Minden Nationals

  May 30, 2021 – June 9, 2021
  Minden-Tahoe (United States)
  Total competition distance: 6463 km

Meter 15 Day11  No task
Open Day11  No task

Competition results on soaringspot.com

Meter 15 Day11  No task
Meter 15 Day10  No task
Meter 15 Day9  No task
Meter 15 Day8  No task
Meter 15 Day7   Task6 - 487km Race
Meter 15 Day6   Task5 - 360/530km AAT
Meter 15 Day5   Task4 - 372/556km AAT
Meter 15 Day4   Task3 - 530/923km AAT
Meter 15 Day3   Task2 - 419/597km AAT
Meter 15 Day2   Task1 - 445/501km AAT
Meter 15 Day1  No task

Open Day11  No task
Open Day10  No task
Open Day9  No task
Open Day8  No task
Open Day7   Task6 - 492km Race
Open Day6   Task5 - 360/530km AAT
Open Day5   Task4 - 372/556km AAT
Open Day4   Task3 - 710/1079km AAT
Open Day3   Task2 - 467/643km AAT
Open Day2   Task1 - 496/618km AAT
Open Day1  No task

Competition results on soaringspot.com

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